Cow Protection and Its Importance.

Murari’s Kirtan Valley Farm is a non-profit community dedicated to the protection of all living creatures… especially aspiring devotees of Krishna and, of course, Krishna’s cows.  This 265 acre project was founded by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1976… his order was to create a self-sustainable village… centered around Radha, Krishna and the cows.

Every day the residents and visitors devote their time to sadhana-bhakti (with emphasis on Harinama Sankirtana) and by the grace of Govinda, the Protector of the cows, we have a small herd of these divine creatures in our care… mostly Jersey cows and now we have been gifted a pure Gyr cow and bull… a breed that dates back 5,000 years to Lord Sri Krishna and is now struggling to be preserved.

The cows here are very well loved and cared for… we sing to them, brush them, and milk them by hand. We are assiduously seeing to their health in all ways. Their divine gifts of milk, butter, yogurt, and ghee are all offered to the presiding Deities Sri Sri Nitai-Gaurachandra and Radhe-Murari… all prasad is distributed to the residing and visiting devotees.  Their dung is treasured tor use in the flower and vegetable garden and for making dhoop sticks used in daily puja.  We also collect their urine for healing purposes.

We purchase hay for the cows over the wintertime, but we want to utilize our pastures for growing hay. We have talked with local farmers in the area, and they concur that we can grow hay on our land, and have someone cut and bale it with their machinery, for a share of the baled hay. This will leave us with enough hay to make it through the winter, if we could afford a disc mower to take care of our fields.

Our tractors are constantly in disrepair, one being from the 60’s and still kicking. We would feel extremely grateful for a newer model tractor that will not break down, given proper maintenence.

The herd also lacks proper fencing. We have had to use electric fencing to make room for rotational grazing, but we would vastly prefer to build pain-free wood fencing for mother cow.

This leaves the herd in great need for…

$8,000 for a disc mower

$15,000 for fencing 

$2,000 for hay this winter (2018/19)

The cows can then live their whole lives here in peace, naturally, and without fear of this terrible age of Kali, where the cow is brutally disrespected and tortured. There is very little interest in cow protection in this age, but we are reaching out to the pious people of the world to felp provide for their proper care and love.

We want these cows to be fed well year-round.  Srila Prabhupada taught us the importance of this service…  “The proprietor of all land, the maintainer of all land, to give pleasure to the people of all land, is Govinda, Krsna. Govindam.  And He is the protector, and pleasing to the cows. You have seen many pictures of Krsna, He is loving cow. Why cow is loved by Him? Why not another animal? There are many other animals. Why particularly cow? Because cow protection is the most important business of the human society. ”

Our ardent endeavor is to please Srila Prabhupada and all the Vaisnavas.  Thank you so much for your interest and time.  Please come visit the temple anytime… take darshana of the Lord and feed our beautiful mother cows a handful of fresh grass.


Why support cow protection?

“A person who serves the cow, and takes care of her in all respects, receives the most rare benediction from her.  Do not become envious of her, even in your mind. Always try to please her and serve her as far as possible. A human being who joyfully serves the cow daily becomes fit to receive great prosperity.”

“One accumulates great piety by feeding a cow.  By tending the cows in the field, one becomes eligible to live in heaven for countless years.  By building a cowshed one becomes the king of the whole province.  Simply by feeding her salt one attains good fortune.”

“The Ganges personally lives in the head of the cow… The ancient acaryas have accepted the cow as the form of Lord Visnu. The cow is fit to be worshiped, glorified, and offered obeisances. A human being should feed the cows and serve her.”
– Visnu-dharmottara Purana

“Anyone who meditates on Lord Krishna’s birth, His protecting the cows, Hiw singing charming songs with the gopas, His other pastimes, will find himself overcome with bliss.” – Gopala Champu

“Who will not be happy to see Krishna slowly walking behing His cows, showering them with nectarean flute songs, His restless locks of hair turned grey by the dust thrown up by their hooves?” – Sri Govinda-lilamrta