Every dontation that comes to Murari Sevaka Asrama is used in Krsna’s service. Your donation helps us feed the cows hay in the winter, repair our often-broken farm equipment, and keep the temple lights on. What produce and flowers we do not grow on the property, we purchase to make preparations for Krsna and his devotees. Although we are making arrangements for further self-sufficiency, we are dependent of the mercy of Krsna’s devotees to keep the temple open.

We have a few projects that we are currently requesting funds, beyond the basic needful.

  • To build a new fence in the cow field to replace the old and dilapidated one, and divide the field into sections to implement rotational grazing.
  • To replace the very old tractor and its attachments in order to mow the cows’ field and bale our own hay.
  • To build small cabins for sadhus who wish to stay at the temple long-term.

Please read this request we have placed on for the cow: Murari’s Vrndavana Village Project

Building fencing and cabins are very large projects that we will take on immediately and in the coming years. We have enough man-power to do this ourselves by Krsna’s grace, if we had the resources. If you believe in this project and Prabhupada’s direct order to build these villages for cow protection, then please give what you can. A small donation is very helpful and noticed by Krsna. Please donate by the link in the top right corner, and specify how you would like to help.

If you would like to make a large donation, we ask that you do not do so through gofundme, as they take a very large percentage.

Hare Krsna and dandavat pranams to your feet..