Monthly Financials
 I will say one  thing about finance… First and formost there has to be honesty. With patience the perception of that will come.  and of course there has to be practical discloser etc.… But as long as I am the “receiver”, someone can always say, “well what about this”? So, I will make my declaration :" I never wanted to handle the money, but like everything else, it just came my way…I consider money to be the singlemost disturbance in a devotees life, as such I have come to dislike money. Having said that, we obviously need money to develop the project, or any project… it requires a dabble into the mode of passion. Personally I don’t want any… but for Krsna, I will accept millions if He deems it necessary. Considering the fool that I really am, I can look Krsna, ( Lord Gaura) in the eye and proclaim to them that I haven’t nor ever will use His money for me… you will never see opulence grow around me, I don’t need it. I don’t want it. I live more simply that any one I know and it suits me fine. I think it should really be that way, for a leader to set that type of life style example."Gradually, everyone will come to see this. And one more thing… if for some reason, money designated for one purpose was diverted for another, the donars should be  informed, and the original purpose will be fulfilled in due course. All recieved monies are deposited.....all.... There is also the minutest petty cash...about $10 per week.   thanks... Gadi das....and remember, a crooked "devotee" can always find a way to cheat no matter how many controls are put in place....  for a simple honest devotee, the thought of cheating will never arise in his heart.
I am making the details of our monthly finances available on request... I think it not necessary or appropriate to display our bank statements on line for all the world to see, just to project a sense of transparancy, and even that is not accomplished by displaying the bank statements on these pages. 
So if anyone is truly that curious after reading the statement in white and yellow above, then make your request.
My financial "statement"