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Everthing about the new Murari's Kirtan Valley is revival ...
revival of the original format that Srila Prabhupada had envisioned for us... Simple lifestyle... dependency on the cows and lots of kirtan...

"Go-rakya means protection to the cows. Instead of protection to the cows, they are killing the cows. How you can have perfect society? Cows must be protected. It is so important animal. It is giving the you nectarean food milk, and from milk, you can save your children, you can save your diseased persons. And how it is that you take the cow's milk and send it for slaughterhouse. Oh, this is not, not at all human civilization. Here it is said go-rakya. You should give all protection to this important animal. Krsna does not say that you should protect the pigs and hogs or other animals. He especially meant the cows because cow is very important animal to the human society."
               Srila Prabhupada
I'm looking for some butter here....
Got it!!!
5 days old
 Pure Gyr gobar - from Tennessee’s only Goshalla

​​     This natural burning substance only comes from the gift of the most pure of all cow breeds, the Gyr. (desi). It has an addictive flavor that never satiates. Once this permeates your home, all negative energies flee. It is so special. This is the flavor of the village. The vedic village was remarkably free from disease and insect pests, and here’s why…

​  It repels mosquitoes, kills bacteria in the air and on surfaces, destroys bad odors.. and repels radiation….it has many other desirable qualities, like the calming effect on children.. which can be found by a google search… Gyr.
We process this gobar into tube like sticks for easy and complete burning. Each one last around 30 to 40 min.

​​The lingering fragrance is most appealing, and can even be described as addictive. We add absolutely nothing to the gobar at all… it is complete and perfect by nature.
If you would like to donate to support and protect these unique animals, the please use the paypal button on the home page... Check the monthly box to make it monthly… $51, $31,$21,11, or, if you are inspired, any amount above.…Or if you prefer, you can send a check…Murari’s Kirtan Farm, 532 Murari lane, Mulberry Tn. 37359. We are fully tax deductible, and we can send you a tax exempt receipt for your donation. We will send you a sample of our gobar in response to your donation... if you like it, you can order more.... on the Gobar page....
​ We are dedicated to protecting these cows for their whole lives… they will happily live and die here. If you like these gobar sticks…you can donate and order more…they come in 24 pack and a 48 pack… donate accordingly… we have no set price… we want to always feel our dependence on the divine hand of Krishna. We live the life of astetics and have no business, we depend solely on donations, and we can account for every penny given…we keep nothing for ourselves. We have been providing this service for 6 yrs, and we know how to take care of cows and land, and we have references if you like….


​​​​The Gyr breed is indigenous to the mountains of Gujarat… going back at least 5000 years. They possess many extraordinary qualities and more can be found on that by googling “Gyr”. The world has come aware of the special qualities of these animals, but not for the reason of protecting them, but for eating them. It is imperative that we keep this breed pure and free from danger. The milk coming from them has more rich qualities than can be found in any other breed in the world…even higher cream content than the Jersey.

​We are also looking to rescue more of this breed, if you think you would like to assist please contact me at . They are more costly than any American breed…one female calf can start at $3500. We need one female calf, or maybe 2. With your help we can create another essential branch of the Vedic Culture in the western world.

​With love and blessings from Radha and Syamasundar. Thank you for your kind attention…. Gadidas - president, Murari’s Kirtan Valley, Mulberry Tenn.

We are now producing pure, natural gobar incence tubes... no fragrance added... just the natural flavor of the earth....