Welcome to Murari's Kirtan Valley
Our goal is simple... to provide a dhama for the soul to express its natural devotion to Krsna.... if we are to encourage the pursuit of pure harinam, we must retain a deep and consistent dependence on Krsna. Everyone will experience the happiness of simple dependence on the cows, the land, and the beautiful relationships with others in this simple village atmosphere. Please visit us and bless us with your association.
If something inside you is provoking the urge to descend deep into the heart, if something inside you is urging you to find out just what it is that is causing you to feel unsatisfied with your sadhana and service, perhaps, as Srila Vyasadeva, who was forced to confront his unhappiness after compiling mountains of Vedic knowledge, giving, as his spiritual master Sri Narada Muni said... far too much emphasis on varnasrama dharma. (Varnasrama dharma is the slow, many lifetime path of eventual spiritual elevation, concentrating on following ones natural inclinations toward work) dovetailing so to speak... Sri Narada, in order to alleviate his anxiety, instructed him to describe the supernatural, completely transcendental, all attractive pastimes of the Supreme vLord Krishna. Do you think that that instruction was only for Srila Vyasadeva? Do you think possibly that his problem could also be our problem?
If we continue on with our mixed devotional standard, concentrating far too much on our "varna", never coming to Lord Caitanya's standard of constantly chanting and hearing the Name and  Pastimes of the beautiful Lord Krishna, don't you think we, as did the exalted Srila Vyasadeva, will always feel unhappy? Most assuredly we will. We are meant to be brought to highest state of happiness, by following the instructions of His Divine Grace to the letter. In chapter 90 of Krishna book, His Divine Grace instructs us to know Krishna's pastimes, as he puts it "memorize them". In other words, know every little detail of Krishna's character and qualities, know his associates like they are your family members, which they actually are ....our real family. This is revealed by Rupa Gosvami and his associates...and by all authorized followers of Rupa Gosvami... characterized by the word.."Rupanugas", followers in the mood and line of  Rupa Gosvami in spontaneous devotional service. We should aspire to be the servant of the servant of Rupa Gosvami, sometimes referred to as Rupa manjari...his spiritual form. This is the missing link to our uninterupted happiness and satisfaction. Tried and true is the method... Srila Vyasadeva attained complete satisfaction by this method...and so can we.
    If you are truly interested in saving the human race from the jaws of Kaliyuga, then by all means first attain your true happiness....and then lavishly distribute it to others...it is contagious.
   Our focus and exclusive attention is given to chanting the Holy Names. This is after all the Yuga Dharma for all humanity. We take the words of Lord Caitanya as our life breath, We are His kirtan slaves...We believe that by intense congregational chanting, careful, offense free sadhana, prayerful supplications, and sincere yearning, one can and will attain pure love of God. This is His desire, and He has arranged for our success, knowing full well our shortcomings. The vastness of the descriptions in various puranas and especially Srimad Bhagavatam, and so many other scriptures, regarding the exclusive power and glories of the Holy Name should give us the understanding of how exhalted is this method. We are applying this to our daily lives with great happiness. We are following Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya stictly and only. There are no other Lords of our lives. To understand this you have to read, read, read, and apply, apply, apply the simple instructions of His Divine Grace. In our line of disciplic succession, there is nothing but greatness. We study their illustrious writings and experience great joy, knowing this is pleasing to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada. We have only dug one well...vigorously digging,...and by carefully searching out the the messages of His Divine Grace, we are striking water. If you feel like drinking some, please come and visit. We are experiencing wonderful growth by drinking from this well.
      We are very insignificant persons... so called devotees, and feeling so, we really feel it
 quite impossible to consider the faults of others, especially others that have shown to be faultless and never to have fallen down. We consider the dangers to our spiritual life most seriously, and try earnestly to live by prayer #3 of Sikshastic, left by Lord Caitanya. We believe that by keeping ourselves sheltered  by this mood, all auspiciousness will rain down upon us. Since humility is the feature most attractive to Krishna... well that's why we try. We welcome the service, and association of all those who are ready to end mixed devotional service, and try the ever suprasblymish sublime path of unmixed devotional service. The rewards are prescious gems which embed themselves softly in the heart, causing nothing but uninterrupted happiness... is this not what we have always been looking for?

Sreyas and Preyas.